Questions & Answers

BolderVisuals is a service for computer generated 3D Vsuals. It sells exclusive and time-limited usage rights of artworks from the archive. Furthermore, the service includes individual adaptations of the artworks and crea- tions of completely new artworks especially for you.
BolderVisuals is made for professional and commercial advertising, marketing and design purposes in a holistic corporate communication. We are also happy about editorial use like for newspapers, magazines or TV news and also art and culture projects.
Omnichannel means that each product originates as a conceptual visual and is offered in a total of 4 different formats as a full collection. You purchase a visual as an image and as an animation in an infinity loop in the same style. Each in landscape and portrait format. So BolderVisuals allows so a wide range of uses.
You acquire the exclusive right to use the artwork for the desired period of time. To ensure the exclusivity, the use is not allowed after the period. Once you have purchased the right to use an artwork, it will be removed from the archive and will not be available to anyone else for the requested period of time.
Yes, if you are e.g. an agency or a freelancer and purcha- se a usage license on behalf of one of your clients, the right of use will be issued to your client.
This is generally not allowed. Only if you as an agency or service provider acquire a license on behalf of a custo- mer, you can of course charge this to your customer.
Sure! For the desired period, we wish them endless views and likes. However, you are not allowed to use our artwork for your communication after the usage period and you are not allowed to create new communication tools with it. This means direct posts for which our artwork serves e.g. as part of the image or background are to be removed at the end of the usage period. An exception to this are second instance recordings. This includes photographs and video recordings of an event or staging in which the artwork can be found as part of the image. For such documentation, the image material may be used without restriction.
Yes. However, in the case of editorial use, the source re- ference „“ must be placed on the image or next to it. It can be discreet but must be legible and clearly recognizable.
No. You are generally not allowed to use Boldervisuals products for products that are for direct sale.
Basically BolderVisuals is open for win-win situations and exciting projects. Feel free to write us your request to and we will discuss the details and see if we can find a solution. Any agreement is only valid in written form.
BolderVisuals provides marked previews of the artwork for download free of charge and exclusively for your internal reviews and presentations.
Just write to us at indica- ting the product number, the desired period, the billing address and the licensee. Our service will be glad to hear from you and send you the license agreement, invoice and the products.